A Pop Up Market - In Bed

Last Saturday we joined our wonderful friends from In Bed for a pop up market to celebrate the launch of their new range Eat In Bed, the theme was spring with bursting bunches of poppies, colourful produce, Eugalo eggs and preserves and a very special Breakfast In Bed produce bag with all the goods (avocados, tomatoes, locally grown asparagus, blood oranges and more) to inspire your next breakfast. As an already huge fan of the In Bed linen we were so excited to be a part of this wonderful day, celebrating a beautiful and thoughtful new collection that we are already using in our kitchen. 

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Images by Emma Hill. 


Foragers & Co X Matters Of The Belly

This week we collaborated with our friend Noha from Matters of the Belly. Noha has curated everything in the bag working with us, our wonderful farmers and the season to create her perfect bag which is sure to excite and inspire you in the kitchen. In addition she has created a mini meal plan which will get you through with full bellies and happy hearts. 

Noha is a Sydney based blogger, food stylist, photographer & recipe developer who made the big move to Sydney from Egypt in 2013. Food and cooking are part of Noha's DNA and she's so excited to share some of her favourite recipes new and old. Here's Noha's suggestions on what to make with this week's bag.


Visit any house in Egypt at breakfast on any given day of the year, and you are most likely than not going to find Fuul on the table. Take a stroll through Cairo’s old streets and alleys early in the morning and you’ll see hoards of locals crowding around the colourful and tattered wooden Fuul carts, where metal bowls of steaming hot Fuul and crispy Taameyya (Egyptian falafel) are being rapidly handed out by the vendor, complete with all the trimmings, and devoured on the spot with blistered loaves of Egyptian balady bread (no utensils needed).
One of the things I have always loved is jam. Specifically, homemade jams. Even more specifically, my father’s homemade jams. My father was the KING of jamming. Use any summer stone fruit you have on hand for this recipe, white nectarines would be just delicious! 
Hibiscus is a beautiful crimson flower with a strong tart flavour, and in Egypt it is used to make one of our most popular traditional local drinks called Karkadeh. The contrast between the intense red of the outer flesh of the pears against the lighter inner flesh that is exposed when sliced is just STUNNING. 



Fattoush is a simple and delicious Middle Eastern salad that packs a punch, add your favourite protein for a balanced and hearty lunch. 
Being someone who grew up by the Mediterranean, I am predisposed to be partial to the union of zucchini, tomato, feta or goat’s cheese and fragrant oregano. (Eggplant is also often a member of this mouth-watering team, like in this veggie bake, but I chose to leave it out in this particular application). These simple, fresh and vibrant flavours, to me, scream of the ocean breeze, the warm weather and the familiarity of that beautiful region I spent most of my life around.
I am absolutely addicted to pomegranate molasses, and can barely restrain myself from drinking it right out of the bottle. It is tangy and sweet and has a gorgeous depth that works so well with the salty haloumi cheese, the sweet crunchy pear and the slightly bitter rocket leaves. The final crowning glory of this salad is a scattering of toasted walnuts and fresh pomegranate seeds (they were out of season when I was shooting this so I used dried Persian barberries instead), and you have such an irresistible combination of flavours and textures, you will want to make this ALL. THE. TIME!



A recent dinner I made was Ottolenghi 's roast aubergines. I topped them with a tahini+garlic-yoghurt sauce & fresh pomegranate seeds. I also drizzled a little pomegranate molasses & sprinkled some zaa'tar. They were just DELICIOUS! My long standing infatuation with eggplant continues. 
In Egypt, we call it ‘Awerma’. The Greeks call it ‘Briam’. In Turkey, they have ‘Turli’, and in France, it’s named ‘Ratatouille’. No matter what you decide to call it, or which country you are in, the basic concept is the same; a medley of mixed seasonal vegetables cooked slowly in a tomato-based sauce. Sometimes, there is meat involved, but this baby is all about the beautiful veggies.
What's not to love about a simple, delicious summer tart matched perfectly with a little rocket salad? Not much! 






What is a Galette, you may ask? A galette is pretty much a pie. Only, it isn’t your typical cookie-cutter type pie. It is a rustic, freeform pie. A pie that refuses to be told how it should look. A pie that no longer abides by the restraints forced upon it by pie dishes & measuring sticks. A pie that has objected, broken free, and has set its OWN new & unique standard of beauty. This pie is a rebel. It’s my kinda pie.
This cake is the perfect justification you need to eat cake for breakfast, which is basically one of my ultimate life goals. Feel free to drizzle with some extra glorious honey before applying to face. 
Because it is made with such wholesome ingredients, it means it can be enjoyed more often, not just as an indulgence. Think of this Apple Oat Crumble as kind of an upside down oatmeal or granola, with the stewed fruit on the bottom rather than on the top, and one you can prep in advance and then just throw into the oven in the morning and forget about for about an hour while you get ready, then have a gorgeously spiced, warm, comforting breakfast on the table for the whole family.